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About Us

The Logistik Initiative Schleswig Holstein e.V. has been founded on initiative of the ecomomy as a cooperation network in order to strengthen the Schleswig-Holstein logistic site.

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Get now a part of the network of the Logistik Initiative Schleswig-Holstein e.V. and benefit from our efforts for the logistic place!

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Logistics Location S.-H.

Because of its location and nearness to Hamburg as well as its close links to Scandinavia, the logistic place S.-H. is of important meaning.

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Events of the next month

EE-Werkstatt "LNG oder Wasserstoff - Handlungsoptionen für die Logistik-Branche"

am 22.01.2019 um 15:00 Uhr in LOGIN Neumünster

Lastwagen mit alternativen Antrieben – also Gas-, Hybrid- oder Elektroantrieb – werden ab 1. Januar 2019 von der Lkw-Maut befreit. Doch nicht nur deshalb treibt die Logistik-Branche die Frage um,…

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